Make America Christian Again

If you don’t vote for Donald Trump for president you will go to hell.

Why does Trump represent Christianity? His views are God’s views. He wants to put up a wall between believers and unbelievers. He wants to cut taxes for the rich, so that we will render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s.

He wants to put an end to Planned Parenthood. Better for a million women to die of breast cancer by closing Planned Parenthood if it saves the life of one unborn baby. Better to enter into life with one eye than to be cast into a burning hell with two eyes.


God can’t bless this country. He wants to, but we won’t let him. We’re standing in his way. Only by voting for a true Christian will God open the floodgates of his blessings. Only then will we be free. And pure. And rich.


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